Talco Oil Company

Talco Oil Company, LLC. is an independent oil company based in Talco, Texas, its corporate mandate is to focus solely on maintaining and developing its interest in the approximately 100 to 200 million barrels of recoverable oil reserves remaining in the Talco field.

The Talco Oil Company C.M Carr No. 1 was completed in March of 1936 as the discovery well for the Talco Field. Consequently, the field was found to extend into Franklin county Texas and makes up approximately 12,000 productive acres. This well also established the first Paluxy formation production along the Talco Mexia fault and has proved to be a major oil-producing formation in North Texas with over 300,000,000 barrels recovered in the Talco field alone.

The Talco field proper is not unitized and is currently majority owned and operationally controlled by Exxon Mobil (XTO) and Talco Oil Company.


Talco Oil Company
409 West Crawford Street
Talco, Texas 75487