Burnett Petroleum Company

Burnett Petroleum Company (“BPC”) is an independent oil and natural gas firm based in Dallas, Texas whose focus is pursuing non-operated drilling opportunities in conventional exploration and developmental projects in the United States. The company is currently most active throughout the state of Texas and parts of Oklahoma.

BPC’s corporate history goes back to 1930 through various acquisitions and mergers. In 2010 BPC acquired the assets of Arcadia Exploration and Production Company and its interest in over 750 producing wells. In 2013 BPC participated with majority investor CIC Partners in making significant acquisitions in the gulf coast and southern portions of Texas. In 2015 BPC through an affiliate, was General Partner in a Limited Partnership with General Electric (GE), the assets of which were ultimately sold in 2020. In 2017 BPC elected to shift its core business to participating as a non-operator in drilling opportunities.

Contact us at info@burnettpetro.com with any information regarding exploration prospects for our consideration.