Real Estate Investments

Deep Ellum Project

42 is blessed to participate in the life and community of Deep Ellum, the soul of Dallas, TX. They have helped save 100 year old buildings (old by Dallas standards), and have been enriched as they learn from, argued with, laughed with, and lived with people who have shown them their diverse and amazing qualities and character. Their efforts in Deep Ellum include:

  • Purchase of over 55 properties
  • Willingness to stay vacant rather than allow or put the wrong tenants in place just to get occupancy rates higher
  • Two rounds of 42 Murals and over 100 arts events
  • Working with owners of adjacent properties rather than competing with them
  • Referred tenants away from their vacant buildings to another owner’s building because it would be better for the community at large
  • Elbow deep in issues: homelessness, police and security, zoning, landscaping, transportation, social issues and many others
  • A focus on all aspects of a community; profits will increase greater in the long term rather than focusing on short term profits.

From 2012 to present, the Burnett family interests invested as a Class A limited partner in the Deep Ellum Development Project, ColdBeer in Deep Ellum LP., and 42 DE Silky LP with 42 Real Estate.

Pharr Industrial

A real estate investment firm focused on housing and logistics in Texas. They lay the groundwork for the development of good and essential spaces and places.

In 2022, Burnett family interests made a capital investment in the development of a 160,000 SF, Class-A industrial warehouse in Pharr, TX adjacent to the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge, the only commercial bridge providing access to the McAllen-Edinburg-Mission MSA. The building is the 7th building to be constructed as part of the Capote International Business Park.